More forecasts of a global cooling cycle

This is circulating rapidly on the Internet.  IMO this has insufficient content to warrant such wide distribution.  But FYI…

On 26 June 2008 the Climate & Hurricane Forum was held in NYC, sponsored by The Energy Business Watch, with presentations by 4 prominent scientists.  The slides of the presentations are posted here (along with bios of the scientists); I found the slides useless (we need the transcripts). 

Alan “Petrodamus” Lammey has posted a summary of the Forum at his site, Texas Energy Analyst.  Read this as you would a news report, as his bio says that he has no formal training in any energy-related field (his experience in in journalism and finance).  Excerpt:

Van Loon spoke about his theories of solar storms and how, combined with, or because of these storms, the Earth has been on a relative roller coaster of climate cycles. For the past 250 years, he said, global climate highs and lows have followed the broad pattern of low and high solar activity. And shorter 11-year sunspot cycles are even more easily correlated to global temperatures.  It was cooler from 1883 to 1928 when there was low solar activity, he said, and it has been warmer since 1947 with increased solar activity. 

“We are on our way out of the latest (warming) cycle, and are headed for a new cycle of low (solar) activity,” van Loon said. “There is a change coming. We may see 180-degree changes in anomalies during high and low sunspot periods. There were three global climate changes in the last century, there is a change coming now.”

… Perhaps the best known speaker was Colorado State University’s Gray, founder of the school’s famed hurricane research team. Gray spoke about multi-decade periods of warming and cooling and how global climate flux has been the norm for as long as there have been records. Gray has taken quite a bit of political heat for insistence that global warming is not a man-made condition. Man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) is negligible, he said, compared to the amount of CO2 Mother Nature makes and disposes of each day or century.


Other sources of information about the Solar Cycle

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  2. NOAA’s  Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), including their Solar Cycle Progression page and the latest predictions.
  3. NASA’s background information about Solar Cycle Predictions
  4. Detailed information at
  5. Solaemon’s Spotless Days Page — Excellent graphs of historical sunspot activity

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2 thoughts on “More forecasts of a global cooling cycle”

  1. John A. Jauregui

    We need to put the whole Climate Change issue into perspective vis-a-vis the Peak Oil Crisis. Everyone needs to ask themselves, their associates, all sitting elected officials and those seeking office, especially the office of President of the United States, “What is more threatening in both the long and short terms, a beneficial 1 degree F rise in average world temperatures over the past 100 years, or a 1 percent decline in world oil production over the last 100 weeks – with steepening declines forecast?

    Furthermore, can our economy better deal with declining fuel inventories in an environment of persistent warming, or in an environment of declining average temperatures over the next several decades, the most likely scenario given the highly reliable solar inertial motion (SIM) model forecasts of climate change?” Solar cycle # 24 will tell the tale.

    The problem is not AGW. The real problem is the end of cyclical warming coincident with the onset of Peak Oil. And, the critical question is who has provided Al Gore with $300,000,000 to convince all of us that we are personally responsible for Global Warming. Someone is expecting a big payoff. Perhaps it’s

    Finally, are the holes in the polar ozone really caused by CFC’s, the most recent cap&trade gold mine, or are holes in polar ozone the natural result of unusually high solar activity over the past few decades? Read The facts are astounding and point to the underlying fraud of Anthropogenic CO2 Global Warming, the next planned cap&trade gold mine.

    What will become the next evil life sustaining substance to be capped & traded at great cost to you me, oxygen? In the months and years ahead, do not be surprised to find the polar ozone miraculously healing itself and global temperatures moderating as the effects of the sun’s current quiet cycle take hold.

    It is interesting to note that NASA has known the underlying physical reality for quite some time, as clearly explained in their paper

  2. Excerpt from “Goodbye, global savings glut: Hello, food and fuel inflation”, Donald Coze, Basic Points, 3 July 2008:

    “If next winter is as cold in China and North America as last winter, nd if spring is as wet in those regions as this year, the effect on global food prices would be dramatic. We no longer have any carryover cushion of grains against severe cold, or against sustained rains on the plains.

    “We believe the global warmists may be overstating the effects of human energy consumption and underratting the effects of changes in the sun’s radiation, and in ocean currents. Protagoras’ famous assertion “Man is themeasure of all things” became a good slogan for Renaissance philosophers, but may be an unsound basis for climatology.”

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