Are Israel’s leaders insane? Jeffrey Goldberg thinks so.

Summary:  The award for the most accurate title of the year:  “The Point of No Return“, Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic, September 2010.  Yes, attacking Iran would the point of no return for Israel.  I doubt they’ll do it.  The leaders of neither Iran nor Israel are psychos.

Godlberg’s research finds a “a consensus emerged that there is a better than 50% chance that Israel will launch a strike by next July.”  He presents almost no substantial evidence to support it.  If so, then:

… one day next spring, the Israeli national-security adviser, Uzi Arad, and the Israeli defense minister, Ehud Barak, will simultaneously telephone their counterparts at the White House and the Pentagon {and} … tell their American counterparts that they are taking this drastic step because a nuclear Iran poses the gravest threat since Hitler to the physical survival of the Jewish people. The Israelis will also state that they believe they have a reasonable chance of delaying the Iranian nuclear program for at least three to five years.

And what price might Israel pay for this temporary gain?

… sparking lethal reprisals, and even a full-blown regional war that could lead to the deaths of thousands of Israelis and Iranians, and possibly Arabs and Americans as well; of creating a crisis for Barack Obama that will dwarf Afghanistan in significance and complexity; of rupturing relations between Jerusalem and Washington, which is Israel’s only meaningful ally; of inadvertently solidifying the somewhat tenuous rule of the mullahs in Tehran; of causing the price of oil to spike to cataclysmic highs, launching the world economy into a period of turbulence not experienced since the autumn of 2008, or possibly since the oil shock of 1973; of placing communities across the Jewish diaspora in mortal danger, by making them targets of Iranian-sponsored terror attacks, as they have been in the past, in a limited though already lethal way; and of accelerating Israel’s conversion from a once-admired refuge for a persecuted people into a leper among nations.

And best of all:

{An} Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, successful or not, may cause Iran to redouble its efforts—this time with a measure of international sympathy—to create a nuclear arsenal.

That’s an acceptable risk-reward ratio … for psychos.  As described in Will Israel commit suicide? More rumors of a strike at Iran (22 December 2007).  Obama is a fool if he does not tell Israel that such an attack will end US support for Israel.

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1 thought on “Are Israel’s leaders insane? Jeffrey Goldberg thinks so.”

  1. CNN Truth squad: Has Iran said it wants to attack Israel?

    Truth squad: Has Iran said it wants to attack Israel?“, CNN, 23 November 2011 — Excerpt:

    In 2005, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, during a meeting with protesting students at Iran’s Interior Ministry, quoted a remark from Ayatollah Khomeini, founder of Iran’s Islamic revolution, that Israel “must be wiped out from the map of the world.” Ahmadinejad then said: “And God willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world without the United States and Zionism,” according to a quote published by Iran’s state news outlet, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

    This year, Ahmadinejad spoke to the U.N. General Assembly in September. He criticized Zionism and the United States, but did not threaten a military attack on either country.

    Ahmadinejad has maintained Iran seeks only nuclear energy capability, not nuclear weapons. On November 9, he denied once again that his country is pursuing nukes.

    “The Americans have fabricated a stack of papers and he keeps speaking about them,” he said on state-run Press TV. “Why don’t you do a report on the U.S. nuclear program and its allies? Present a report on the thousands of U.S. military bases where Washington has nuclear arms that threaten global security.”

    The verdict: False. While Ahmadinejad is no fan of Israel or the United States, he did not state in August that he wants to eradicate Israel. Because he does not acknowledge pursuit of nuclear weapons, he could not have threatened to use them against Israel or the United States.

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