The Empire Strikes Back: The Demonization of Snowden Begins

Summary: Marcus Ranum, our in-house cyber-expert, looks at the next stage of the government’s defense against the revelations of NSA surveillance. Like the surveillance itself, they rely on non-governmental agents to get the job done.

Article deleted at author’s request.


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(a) Comments on the Empire Striking Backs:

(b) About surveillance:

(c) See Wednesday’s post for links to a wide range of information about the surveillance of US citizens.

(d) Posts about these revelations, and what they show about America:


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8 thoughts on “The Empire Strikes Back: The Demonization of Snowden Begins”

  1. The Scorecard: Snowden Approval Rating 54%, Obama 46%, Congress 17%

    Edward Snowden’s worst fear has not been realised – thankfully

    The NSA whistleblower’s only concern was that his disclosures would be met with apathy. Instead, they’re leading to real reform

    1. Color me unconvinced. So far I see the usual scandal pattern. Noise, pretty words. Perhaps we will go to the next stage: Congressional hearings.

      Wake me when Obama signs legislation or an Executive Order.

    1. Tradefaction,

      Thanks for posting this. I read Drum rarely, so don’t know the background.

      But we seem to be seeing a possible path to tyranny for America. The surveillance state has broad support by both parties — and the tech companies who are our idols (no matter how monopolistic or predatory). This is a coalition, large and difficult to stop.

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  3. Cheney says NSA monitoring might have prevented 9/11

    How could it? If the CIA had the crucial information? Or the FBI?
    How quickly Cheney “forgot” that the FBI had agents trying desperately to get attention within the agency regarding mysterious arabs who wanted to learn to fly, and the CIA got (and did not pass on) warnings from Egyptian secret police.

    If I were Cheney I’d also be trying to rewrite history (especially my part in it) but these are bald-faced lies.

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