Nazism Ascended and America Defeated; Triumph of the Will

Nazis have lurked among us for decades, unnoticed and without restraint as they diligently worked toward a most ambitious goal. Time passed, and their shadow nation grew like a tumor. It shivered in the darkness at first; now it unabashedly operates in the open, as if a pus-oozing boil was supposed to be there all along.

Even the most malignant cancer can’t rot away a victim’s body overnight, and the same can be said for the Nazis. Destroying America has been a long and turbulent journey for them, but for a Nazi, it felt like no time at all. They live, fight, and sweat for a dream worth more than life itself.

Many times, both in dream and in daydream, Nazis close their eyes. Every Nazi dreams the same dream, a dream shared by all Nazis, fiber for dreamy fiber. A true Nazi can brush aside the sweat of his brow with a single thought of singular purpose. One day will be that glorious day. The day when the Nazis finally finish what Hitler started! 

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