Nazis Take Over America and Establish a New Reich

With Joe Biden safely in the White House, America’s most powerful corporations have launched a new privatized reign of terror almost identical to Hitler’s Germany in the 1930s.

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12 thoughts on “Nazis Take Over America and Establish a New Reich”

  1. Ian, I passed this on to almost my entire contact list. I left some off. Don’t trust them and fear getting Red Flagged. 😁

  2. If you feed metal shavings to your dog and force him to sleep on cold concrete floors, you could be arrested for animal cruelty. But it’s okay to do it do our soldiers. The truth is our illegitimate president China Joe doesn’t give one damn about the troops whom his is abusing to keep our capital is a state of martial law. This is unbelievable! Check it out

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  4. Kristine Annette

    just stop poisonings your people for money! then they don’t get sick! also Islam is not your enemy…but the evil empire is!! Money is evil every person who provides for there community deserves food clothing roof. BUT can not because of GREED. OUR FATHER who are in haven give us this day are daily portion…and forgive us our SINS as WE shall not forgive those who trespass against HIM (Allah GOD) For HIS is the Kingdom The POWER the Glory for all time! AMEN learn the physics then you too can understand how reality is in fact self aware and conscience. Rome did not beat us! Holy Rome Did NOT beat us, British empire did not beat us allied nations did not beat us soviet union did not beat us AND USA did not beat us!!!n GOID IS ON OUR SIDE Learn the science hairless Monkeys!

  5. Ive been saying this for years to anyone who will listen- but everyone is obsessed with the” communist threat.”

  6. “The opposite of communism is fascism” is true only in the sense that communists call everyone who opposes them “fascists”. Including other socialists.

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