Good news about America

These posts discuss the good news for America, an antidote to the doomsters.

  1. Good news: The Singularity is coming (again), 8 December 2007 — History tends to look better over longer time horizons. For example, consider one bit of good news: the Singularity is coming.
  2. Some good news (one of the more important posts on this blog), 21 December 2007 —  I do not believe we need fear the future, despite the tough times coming soon.  This remains a great nation, not because of our past but because of us and our polity.  We differ from almost every other nation.  The difference consists of our commitment to our political order, of which our Constitution is the foundation.  In this we are like Athens more than our neighbors …
  3. Washington’s Gift, 24 December 2007 — A summary of and link to an article by the author Thomas Fleming, published on the Opinion Page of the Wall Street Journal.
  4. A crisis at the beginning of the American experiment, 27 December 2008 — Looking at the problems looming before us, it is easy to forget those of equal or greater danger that we have surmounted in the past.
  5. An important thing to remember as we start a New Year, 29 December 2007 — As we start a New Year I find it useful to review my core beliefs. It is easy to lose sight of those amidst the clatter of daily events. Here is my list…
  6. Is America’s decline inevitable? No.. 21 January 2008 — Why be an American if one has no faith in the American people?  How can you believe in democracy without that faith?
  7. Let us light a candle while we walk, lest we fear what lies ahead, 10 February 2008 — Many people look to the future with fear. We see this fear throughout the web. Right-wing sites describe the imminent end of America: overrun by foreigners, victim of cultural and financial collapse. Left-wing sites describe “die-off” scenarios due to Peak Oil, climate change, and ecological collapse – as the American dream dies from takeover by theocrats and fascists.  Most of this is nonsense, but not the prospect of massive changes in our world. But need we fear the future?
  8. A happy ending to the current economic recession, 12 February 2008 — Sometimes we can see medium-term outcomes with greater clarity than short-term events or long-term trends.  In January 1942 none could forecast the events of the next 44 months, but it did not take an expert to see that the US would defeat Japan.  So it is with the current economic down cycle in America.
  9. Fears of flying into the future, 25 February 2008 — Reasons we need not fear the future.
  10. Experts, with wrinkled brows, warn about the future, 2 May 2008 — Experts often see the future with alarm, seeing the dangers but not benefits. That gets attention, from both the media and an increasingly fearful public. Both sides feed this process. It need not be so, as most trends contain the seeds of good and bad futures. This post considers two examples.
  11. Peak Oil Doomsters debunked, end of civilization called off, 8 May 2008
  12. Good news about the 21st century, a counterbalance to the doomsters, 9 May 2008
  13. A snapshot of our engines of innovation, as they develop new energy sources, 12 May 2008 — There are many solutions under development to the energy crises.  These things just take time, even decades, to mature.
  14. What does $120 oil mean for the global economy?, 15 May 2008
  15. “America’s Greatest Weapon” , 25 May 2008
  16. An effective way to support our Troops: help the Blue Star Mothers of America, 8 June 2008 — There are ways to support our troops, actions more effective than a bumper sticker on your car.
  17. There is no “peak water” crisis, 19 June 2008 —  Scarcity of potable water is a big story in the news.  The actual problem does not resemble what we see in the stories.  Rather, in much of the world water is under-priced, and underpriced goods are usually scarce.  This is the first post in this series; the second considers the real scarcities — now and in the near future — of water.
  18. Support the USO – more effective than a bumper sticker, 5 July 2008 — Another way to support our troops, more effective than a bumper sticker.
  19. Some thoughts about the economy of mid-21st century America, 12 January 2009 — Optimistic words from the greatest economist of the 20th century.
  20. We have endemic terrorism – but few wars and epidemics. That’s good news!, 15 December 2009
  21. Good news: air quality in the US has improved!, 12 March 2010
  22. A Thanksgiving Day note, 26 November 2010 — About the Medal of Honor presented to SSG Giunta.