Ian Michael

A bored vet with nothing better to do than to write rambling blog posts and books. He also manages the Gunslinger USA YouTube Channel. I have another website project, Reading Junkie, which will be released in the near future.

Stained Glass of the First Crusade in the St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral.

Birth of a holy war

The great Pope Urban II sought to unite the Christians of Europe and unleash them against Moors in Spain. He got his wish by accident. The result was bloody and tragic. This is historical fiction, rich with insights for us.

Blue eye visions

Ultra Violence: the conclusion

In the last chapter, the wars to rebuild civilization end as new societies grow – and begin to fight with each other. What will this new world learn from the rise and fall of the old? Ultra-Violence is science fiction about humanity using technology to destroy everything, and what comes after. File these weekly chapters as “terrifying dreams.”

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