Ian Michael

Ian served 5 years in the US Marine Corps. He did two tours in Afghanistan, patrolling in Helmand Province, and one in Kuwait. He is now a Staff Sergeant in the Army Reserve, and lives in Iowa.

Blue eye visions

Ultra Violence: the conclusion

In the last chapter, the wars to rebuild civilization end as new societies grow – and begin to fight with each other. What will this new world learn from the rise and fall of the old? Ultra-Violence is science fiction about humanity using technology to destroy everything, and what comes after. File these weekly chapters as “terrifying dreams.”

A Lady Justice for the 21st C, by Zhack-Isfaction

Ultra Violence #14: The Head of Every Man

The war ends with justice and love – which allows civilization to grow on the ruins. Ultra-Violence is military science fiction about humanity using our miracle tech to destroy everything, and soldiers building a new world on the ruins. File these weekly chapters as “terrifying dreams.” This is the most powerful chapter.

Scary evil man with hood on a background of street riots.

A tour of Harley Quinn’s Gotham

While watching Birds of Prey, I felt that its vision of Gotham might be our future. What might America look like after the collapse of all values? For one answer, Ian Michael takes us behind the scenes of Harley Quinn’s Gotham City.

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