Ian Michael

A bored vet with nothing better to do than to write rambling blog posts and books. He also manages the Gunslinger USA YouTube Channel. I have another website project, Reading Junkie, which will be released in the near future.

Scary evil man with hood on a background of street riots.

A tour of Harley Quinn’s Gotham

While watching Birds of Prey, I felt that its vision of Gotham might be our future. What might America look like after the collapse of all values? For one answer, Ian Michael takes us behind the scenes of Harley Quinn’s Gotham City.

Little Girl Looking to a dark Future

Ultra Violence #12: The Angel and the Badman

In this chapter, civilization rises after the apocalypse as strong leaders replace weak ones by violence or diplomacy. Either way, women play a key role. Ultra-Violence is military science fiction about humanity using our miracle tech to destroy everything, and soldiers building a new world on the ruins.

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