About the great monetary policy experiment

Since the crash the major nations have been running the greatest monetary in history.


  1. Monetary stimulus
  2. Our great monetary experiment
  3. Japan’s monetary experiment
  4. Financial Bubbles

(1)  Monetary stimulus

  1. The lost history of money, an antidote to the myths
  2. A solution to our financial crisis — Among other things, large monetary action
  3. The lost history of money, an antidote to the myths
  4. Recommended: Government economic stimulus is powerful medicine. Just as heroin was once used as a powerful medicine.
  5. The easy way to understand unconventional monetary policy

(2)  Our great monetary experiment

  1. Important things to know about QE2 (forewarned is forearmed), 21 October 2010
  2. Bernanke leads us down the hole to wonderland! (more about QE2), 5 November 2010
  3. The World of Wonders: Monetary Magic applied to cure America’s economic ills, 20 February 2013
  4. The World of Wonders: Everybody Goes Nuts Together, 21 February 2013
  5. The greatest monetary experiment, ever, 20 June 2013
  6. Different answers to your questions about the momentous Fed decision to delay tapering, 20 September 2013
  7. Do you look at our economy and see a world of wonders? If not, look here for a clearer picture…, 21 September 2013
  8. Two warnings about quantitative easing, the taper, and what comes next, 27 September 2013
  9. How to predict the outcome of this great monetary experiment, and how we got into this box, 15 November 2013
  10. A Fed Governor speaks honestly to us about the costs and risks of our monetary policy, 18 January 2014
  11. Wagering America on an untested monetary theory, 22 January 2014
  12. What happens if the economy hits some rocks? Will the Fed stop the taper?, 9 February 2014
  13. Richard Koo gives a “Post-QE forecast: sunny, cloudy, or stormy?”, 26 March 2014

(3)  Japan’s monetary experiment

  1. Are we following Japan into an era of slow growth, even stagnation?, 18 November 2013
  2. Japan leads us into a new future, taking the next step in the great monetary experiment, 21 March 2014
  3. Richard Koo gives a “Post-QE forecast: sunny, cloudy, or stormy?”, 26 March 2014
  4. What might the failure of Abenomics mean for Japan? Big, unpredictable changes, perhaps with a happy ending.
  5. For Japan there is no road but to an economic recovery.

(4)  Financial bubbles

  1. About China’s real estate bubble: fact and fiction.
  2. Will 21st Century USA have a surprise boom, as did the 19th Century UK?
  3. Larry Summers gives us the bad news. Worse, the only solution is more of the same.
  4. Understanding the new world shown us by Larry Summers.
  5. Has the Fed blown another housing bubble?
  6. The new tech bubble takes us to a new world. A mad world.
  7. A guide to the weird numbers that run our world, describing financial bubbles & climate change.
  8. Let’s ignore another warning from the BIS. Do we enjoy paying for burst bubbles?
  9. How we’ve become accustomed to bubbles bursting the economy, instead of fighting them.
  10. We see a stock market bubble but prefer to close our eyes.
  11. Economics gets interesting as the economy darkens while stocks bubble.
  12. Don’t ask if there’s a biotech bubble. Ask why we have another bubble.






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