War Games

A brief reflection on leadership, humility, and staying grounded in what’s in front of you. Don’t lose the battle before you even leave the drawing board.

The Madman and the Hand-cranked Blow Dryer

Synopsis: A young archeologist participating in a grueling dig amongst the forgotten ruins of a past era – this tedious chore of little value takes an unexpected turn; he discovers a mysterious tome from long ago in a previous era. He wonders what he will find inside. Treasures… or horrors?

The OODA Loop: A Closer Look At the Kenosha Shooting

This episode of the Gunslingers USA weekly podcast features a frank conversation I had with Iowa resident Jake Pries, owner and lead instructor of a firearms training program in Iowa. Our topic of discussion: the firefight between Kyle Rittenhouse and three armed combatants on August 25 during the Kenosha riots.

Spirit Under Attack - AdobeStock - 57445030.

A New America rises by manipulating our language and thoughts

Summary: The corruption of our language, mostly by the Left, already is producing a host of ill effects. We cannot communicate with each other. Increasingly we are incapable of clear thought. Perhaps worst of all, we are alienated from our own history and culture. As with so much going wrong today, we long ago were …

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