Alita – The Antithesis of Toxic Feminism

Summary: Alita is fun and beautifully done, and well worth seeing. Feminists’ reviews were savage. Their attacks reveal much about them and the new puritanism (ideological, not religious) sweeping America. Alita: Battle Angel is a faithful adaption of the manga by the same name. After two decades in limbo on James Cameron’s full plate of ideas, Alita received praise across the …

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Ultra Violence: A Book Review

This is a re-post Chet Richard’s review and the book author’s responses to his observations and analysis. stands on its own two feet and needs no additional context or explanation. The original is viewable on his website Slightly East of West. That said, this post you’re looking at now is more than a reprint. I’ve split up the original review to highlight each of his observations, and respond to them. I offer sincere thanks to everyone who’s read and commented on the content we’ve posted on Fabius Maximus over the years, and I hope you find this new column informative, or at least entertaining.

Ultra Violence Now Available On Kindle

I originally shared my original story Ultra Violence as an anthology. It is now available in its newest and most updated glory on Amazon. Thank you to the readers who expressed your enjoyment and support for my first novel-length work. For newcomers, learn more about the story here.

Spielberg Saved Private Ryan and Killed Patriotism

Synopsis: The classic 1998 gory D-Day movie Saving Private Ryan is a triumph of war cinema that lesser filmmakers have attempted to imitate countless times in the following decades up to the present day. Saving Private Ryan practically defined the entire genre of American war films, but also helped destroy it, perhaps irreversibly.

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