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Parsing Cyberwar – Part 1: The Battlefield

Summary of this post by Marcus Ranum: This series is based on a lecture I presented at RSA Conference in March 2012. In it, I will attempt to isolate some of the strategic elements of the “cyber” battlefield so that we can better understand the inner dynamics of its components. This is important to do, because cyberwar frequently combine elements of the battlefield in ways that are confusing and perhaps even contradictory. In order to incorporate cyberwar into grand strategy, it is important not to do it in a way such that we step on our own toes, so I believe that a better understanding of the problem will be valuable to attacker and defender, alike.

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(7)  Next Up

In the next part of this series, I will describe some of the deeper synergies and conflicts that may arise between these subtypes of cyberwar. In the final part, I will offer some high-level analysis of our response strategies in those areas and where we can expect defensive or offensive capabilities to overlap.

Parsing Cyberwar: the series

  1. The Battlefield
  2. The Logistical Train
  3. Synergies and Interference
  4. Patch #1 – Lessons from the Gauss malware
  5. The Best Defense is a Good Defense

(8)  For More Information

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