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Vivek Ramaswamy: Rebuilding America

Vivek Ramaswamy looks best positioned to win the GOP nomination, with most of Trump’s advantages and few of his negatives. He is the cutting-edge candidate, more radical than Trump. He will soon overtake Desantis in 2nd place.

Military spending

See the real US defense budget: $1.5 trillion

Summary: The Department of Defense uses obscure accounting to conceal its true cost from America’s citizens, assisted by the mainstream press. Long-time DoD expert Winslow Wheeler shows the real cost for our War Department. Like all debunking of our mad military industrial complex since President Eisenhower warned us in 1961, he has been ignored.

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A bad trade for the US Marines

Summary: The US Marine Corps’ leaders have begun its largest redesign since preparing for amphibious warfare in the 1930s. See the summary by the Congressional Research Service. It configures the USMC to fight China, and only China. Not to fight the wars that have dominated the world since Korea. 

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