Recommendation to read: “Is Warfighting Enough” by Richards and Vandergriff

Is Warfighting Enough?” by Chet Richards (Colonel, USAF, retired) and Don Vandergriff (Major, USA, retired) — now available online in the February 2008 edition of the Marine Corps Gazette.

The shelves of many libraries groan under the weight of articles calling for new ways of analyzing geopolitical and military issues.  In four pages this article shows how the theories of John Boyd can provide this, which we desperately need.  Instead of yet another analysis of 4GW, this sketches out solutions — practical methods for building forces capable of fighting 4GW’s, and how to use them. Another valuable aspect of this article:  both Richards and Vandergriff are excellent writers, able to express complex reasoning in a clear and brief fashion.

About the The Marine Corps Gazette

There are many good periodicals about modern warfare.  I consider The Marine Corps Gazette to be one of the best.  Since the publication in 1989 of the Lind et al article Into the Fourth Generation it has been in the forefront of coverage of and discussion about the paradoxes and challenges of 4GW.  The Gazette is available to members of the Marine Corps Association and subscribers only.  If you’re eligible, consider joining.  If you’re not, consider subscribing  Click here for details.

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  1. I know that having to subscribe just to read an article is a pain, but the Gazette really is the premier journal of 21st century, non-state (“4th generation”) conflict. It offers a unique blend of theory and practice.

    You can join / subscribe to the online e-magazine editions for $29.95/year.

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