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6. I might not be a smart man, but I can take pictures
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(1) Who Am I?

To quote Plato, I am a man – a mere featherless biped.

Wait, is this not helpful information? Well, in that case… I have been in the military for 13 years, including the Marine Corps, California Army National Guard, and Army Reserve (I can’t make up my mind, apparently). I started out as a fire support man for my first enlistment, but as it turns out, that doesn’t exactly translate into useful job skills in the real world. So I transitioned to the Army’s Public Affairs program. After that, I worked as a multi-media “correspondent,” if you will, for eight years, producing news articles, video, and photography in around the United States as well as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait.

My current creative endeavors include Tales From Venus, the Night Witches Project, and The Man With No Heart. A full list of my published work on Fabius Maximus can be found here. My portfolio of military work and publications is located here. I have the attention span of a squirrel, so none of these are quite finished yet. That said, I will shortly be launching a brand new platform, Reading Junkie, in which I will share my articles, blog posts, short stories, books, and other musings. Furthermore, I invite other writers from all genres to come on board and contribute.

What else is interesting about me? Uhhm… actually not much. I got to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger. That was pretty cool, I guess.

(2) My Other Endeavors

Gunslinger USA is a lovely place. You should go there.

I am currently the sole proprietor of IMK Publishing (which Reading Junkie will fall under), overseeing the development Gunslinger USA, a multi-platform network built to serve the digital and marketing needs of training instructors, retailers, and other members of the firearms industry and community.

Gunslinger USA is currently partnered with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and all team members are certified by the National Rifle Association. I am also the customer services and marketing manager for Jake Pries, owner of Distributed Security Quad Cities. Scroll down to #3 to see some video of his excellent training products.

Gunslinger USA has a branch in the Quad Cities, East Iowa, so imaginatively dubbed Gunslinger QC. We currently offer concealed carry classes, and will shortly expand to offer NSSF First Shots events, NRA Personal Protection classes, among other things.

(3) Blog Roll

All of my entries on Fabius Maximus can be found here.

(4) Video and Podcasts

Drop by the YouTube Channel for my podcasts and videos for Gunslinger USA. Topics include current events, commentaries, reviews and demonstrations of firearms, military news and developments, and much more!


(5) The World of Current Events and News Writing

I have been in the world of photojournalism for about eight years now. I have published content from all around the USA, as well as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait. It was… interesting to say the least. My portfolio is linked here and below.

View Ian Michael’s military portfolio here.

(6) I might not be a smart man, but I can take pictures.

That’s the by-line someone came up for me in Kuwait, back in 2015. It’s slightly annoying, but what’s more annoying is how catchy it is. But the annoying man is right… I think. Sort of. What’s particularly interesting about my photography “career” is that I almost failed it when I attended the Defense Information School in Fort Meade, Maryland. That was unfortunate not just for grades, but also deprived me of the much-coveted “Distinguished Honor Grad” pat on the back at the end of the course. Ah well. Funny enough, the gal who won the award is now a coworker. Small world!

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(7) My Social Media Channels


Constant Contact
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I only vaguely understand Twitter, but will share the same content I do to YouTube and affiliated blogs.


Lots of cool photos here – regularly updated. The majority are related to firearms, training, military, and law enforcement. But there are more categories on the way shortly!



(8) Organizations I support

These are organizations that I have found incredibly valuable and have excellent missions for the well-being of the American people, communities, and environment. I encourage everyone to support these organizations as well. This list is incomplete, so there will be more to follow.

The National Rifle Association

As a partner of the National Rifle Association, I strongly encourage everyone to become a member. Any responsible gun owner needs education. Even if you plan on never touching a gun, let alone owning one – NRA training is still advisable. Considering how many guns are in the USA, it is a strong possibility you or a family member will encounter a loaded firearm, and it is paramount to know how to disarm it, and the legal requirements surrounding this. Furthermore, the NRA offers Refuse To Be A Victim, which teaches invaluable knowledge about personal safety, both inside and outside the home.

Click the banner below for a membership at a substantial discount. Yes, I am an NRA member and instructor. No bias at all. I promise!

Discounted NRA memberships available here.


The National Shooting Sports Foundation

The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, the NSSF has a membership of thousands of manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations and publishers nationwide.

Learn more about the NSSF here.

The Izaak Walton League of America

Izaak Walton, who lived from 1593 to 1683, remains famous today as the author of The Compleat Angler, one of the most important environmental books in history. Through the character of Piscator (who is a veiled version of Walton himself), Walton teaches the reader about fish and fishing while also imparting a view of the natural world that was revolutionary at the time. Walton understood that a healthy environment was essential to the outdoor recreation that he loved.

Today, the 40,000 members of the Izaak Walton League continue to engage new generations in outdoor recreation, protect the waterways that people and wildlife rely on, and promote sustainable use of land and it’s resources.

Learn more about the Izaak Walton League of America here.

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