Larry Kummer

(6)  Larry Kummer, Editor

A “performative centrist”!
— Said by the good leftists at Lawyers, Guns, and Money.

The current editor of the FM website is Larry Kummer. He has 37 years experience in the finance industry in a variety of roles. From 1994 to October 2013 he was at USB, for the last 15 years a senior portfolio manager and Vice President of Investments.

His articles are widely reposted. Those about economics and finance appear at Roubini’s Economonitor,,, Wolf Street, and Seeking Alpha. Those about climate change appear at websites such as Climate Etc (run by Judith Curry, Professor of Atmospheric Science at Georgia Institute of Technology). Those about geopolitics have been posted at Martin van Creveld’s website and elsewhere.

He was a Boy Scout leader for 15 years, concluding as Director and VP-Finance of the Mt Diablo-Silverado Council. For 20 years he was an active Republican, working on many campaigns — until the party abandoned its traditional principles.

He began writing about geopolitics in 2003 at the Defense and the National Interest website. The DNI staff set up the FM website when DNI closed down in 2007.

(8)  Who was Fabius Maximus?

Fabius Maximus (280 – 203 BC) saved Rome from Hannibal by recognizing Rome’s weakness and the need to conserve its strength. He turned from the easy path of boldness to the long, difficult trek of rebuilding Rome’s power and greatness. His life holds profound lessons for 21st Century Americans.

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