Ian Michael

A bored vet with nothing better to do than to write rambling blog posts and books. He also manages the Gunslinger USA YouTube Channel. I have another website project, Reading Junkie, which will be released in the near future.

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Read the Weekly Roundup for the highlights from the week(ish) and a roll call of spicy posts that you might have missed. Things have been hectic lately, but everyone’s still alive and kicking, err, writing, I should say. Click here if you will, please. Note some of the top posts of the week in their …

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Embrace Your Neoliberal Robber Baron Masters, Sheep!

Remember “Net Neutrality” and how important it was? Neither do I. The ever-so-righteous freedom fighters condemning the monopolization of speech by our Silicon Valley Overlords are now those same overlords’ biggest cheerleaders. Yes, you heard that right. Neoliberals parading as leftists now vehemently believe in private property and the undisputed sovereignty of corporations. Read more… …

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What Can We Expect For The Future Of American Healthcare?

Although it’s been harder than normal to keep track of each candidate’s policy proposals this election cycle due to all of the surrounding drama, there are substantial differences in what each is proposing that are worth considering. It can all be boiled down to the idea that President Trump would like to reduce the federal …

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The Patriotic And Tragic Life Of Dashiell Hammett

There are few modern authors commanding a greater influence on American literature than Dashiell Hammett. Hammett invented the “hard-boiled detective” – a genre of storytelling used in books and film up to the present day. More than that, Hammett lived the life of one. Read more… See more articles like this one at Reading Junkie!

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