Sunday News

1.  Chet Richards has revised his online presence into a new site:  Chet Richards — War, Chaos, and Business. 

As he says in his first post

It combines the Certain2Win blog and the content of, both of which will be shut down by the end of the month.

I’m going to try to keep this in more of a blog format and focused on Boyd’s theories, particularly for business. The weighty stuff – defense issues, future of civilization, etc. – will stay on DNI.

I’ll also try to do more frequent postings leading up to the Adaptive Leadership Symposium on March 19th and as I get ready for the start of the executive MBA program I’ll be teaching in this fall.  {the post continues with more information about “this unique event for people in the crisis response and preparedness community (which nowadays includes practically all of us). “

2.  Note the links on the right-side menu bar under “Information you might find of interest!” 

One of the great failings of the internet, imo, is the lack of library services.  Especially the lack of a “reference desk.”  Wikipedia is perhaps the closest service to this, but it is astonishingly weak in supporting links (on the other hand, it is free).  For example, the entry on National Intelligence Estimates as of today gives links to only two NIE’s. 

This site provides, in a small way, that service.  I intend to expand these pages, and add more of them to create a reference source of information about geopolitics.  Your help is appreciated, sending links to relevant articles — or to similar archives on the internet.  Please email these to me (my address is at the end of this post).

From small nuts do …

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