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On the right menu bar the top section is ”Information you might find of interest.” This contains some reference libararies. Just to name a few: Links to the declassificed National Intelligence Estimates, Reports about the Amry’s greatest threat, and archives of online articles by important writers about modern warfare.

This last page provides links to archives of links to online works of major players in modern military theory and practice. Needless to say, this is a work in progress, as there are so many excellent people in these fields

The Essential 4GW reading list: Martin van Creveld — the Clausewitz of our time. Links to 25 of his online articles — from serious essays to newspaper op-eds.

The Essential 4GW reading list: Donald Vandergriff — perhaps the west’s most significant COIN theorist. Links to 35 articles by or about Kilcullen, 2 backgrounders to his work, and 7 mainstream media articles about him

The Essential 4GW reading list: David Kilcullen — one of our few people working on effective solutions to 4GW — solutions of the third kind. Links to 15 of his online articles.

Please comment on any articles missing from the list; or email me at fabmaximus at hotmail dot com {this is the spam-protected form of the address, to fool bots}.

1 thought on “Fabius Maximus, reference librarian”

  1. Here’s an essay that’s more like geopolitics than 4GW, but I highly recommend it: “Military or Market-Driven Empire Building: 1950-2008“, by James Petras, posted at the Center for Research on Globalization (29 April 2008). Here’s a teaser quote:

    “The US prolonged and costly war against Indo-China (roughly 1954-74) epitomized the replacement of European colonial-military empire building by the US version.”

    I think Petras is a leftist or possibly a Communist, but the essay is worth careful perusal IMHO.

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