An effective way to support our Troops: help the Blue Star Mothers of America

There are many ways to support our troops, actions more effective than a bumper sticker on your car. Such as supporting the Blue Star Mothers of America.  Founed in 1942, they support our troops in many ways. Sending packages, sending letters to those with no families, and a dozen other ways — and supporting each other through the trials of having a child in one of our Armed Forces.

Blue Star Mothers

From the Blue Star Mothers of America website, describing who they are and what they do:

We are mothers who now have, or have had, children honorably serving in the military.  We are a non-profit (501[c]3) service organization supporting each other and our children while promoting patriotism.

The Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. is a non-partisan, non-political organization.  We do not support any political candidate, nor do we endorse any religious organization.  The military represents all aspects of America as does our organization.

We provide support for active duty service personnel, promote patriotism, assist Veterans organizations, and are available to assist in homeland volunteer efforts to help our country remain strong.  Blue Star Mothers volunteer in VA hospitals and outreach centers, helping with physical and emotional rehabilitation.  We collect medical supplies, food, and clothing.  We provide transportation and friendship.

Blue Star Mothers have been active in civil defense since 1942, finding food and shelter for people devastated by hurricane and floods.

Read the History of the Blue Star Mothers.

  1. Contact Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc.
  2. Learn how to become a member.
  3. Find a chapter in your area (scroll to the bottom to see your State).
  4. Learn about The Service Flag, the Blue Star, the Gold Star.
  5. Make a donation.

This is America in action, displaying the qualities that will allow us to survive no matter what the future holds for us.

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1 thought on “An effective way to support our Troops: help the Blue Star Mothers of America”

  1. This is an excellent human response, but as a political action it’s inadequate. If you don’t believe our troops have any business being there, if you believe continuing to leave them there is endangering their lives and brutalizing them morally, then you have to work to get all of our troops out of Iraq. Devote your intellectual energy to thinking about how to accomplish that. (and dont wait for Obama to do it.)

    (I think I should change my name to “Old Skeptic”!)

    Fabius Maximus replies: Life goes on, no matter what we do in Iraq. We eat, go to work, raise our children. Are these “inadequate political actions”?

    Supporting the men and women in our Armed Forces is one of those responsibilities, imo. They are carrying out policies that we have set for them — “we” collectively, through our elected representatives. That some of us do not like those policies does not lessen our responsibility to those who must execute them.

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