Comments are the great strength of this blog!

Comments are the great strength of this blog becomes obvious when return from time on the road (unable to connect to the Internet), and read the comments posted while I am off-line.

I have posted replies to most of the comments posted this week, and thank all of those posting comments for sharing your thoughts and insights.

3 thoughts on “Comments are the great strength of this blog!”

  1. Supplying nations have your thoughts and insights as well. Comments are delicately brushed in the great strength at their base. The great strength gives the Internet an engaging, direct simplicity.

  2. No wrorries Mate. I’ll always post skeptical, contrary, irritating replies to your posts. But that is only because of your great research, ‘nail on the head’, raising of issues. I salute you laddie for creating, arguably, one of the most interesting and challenging forums on the Net.

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