Where to go to learn about global warming

Over on the top of the right-side menu bar are the FM Reference Pages.  There is a new one on Science, Nature, and Geopolitics, with information about global warming — more generally, about climate change.  Here is what you will see today.  New material is added as discovered.  Please suggest links by posting them in the comments.  Here is a copy of the current page.


  1. My posts
  2. Articles about the new — and so far late — solar cycle
  3. Articles about global warming

My posts

  1. A look at the science and politics of global warming, 12 June 2008
  2. Global warming means more earthquakes!, 19 June 2008
  3. An article giving strong evidence of global warming, 30 June 2008
  4. Worrying about the Sun and climate change: cycle 24 is late, 10 July 2008
  5. More forecasts of a global cooling cycle, 15 July 2008
  6. Update: is Solar Cycle 24 late (a cooling cycle, with famines, etc)?, 15 july 2008
  7. Two valuable perspectives on global warming, 4 August 2008
  8. President Kennedy speaks to us about global warming and Climate Science, 7 August 2008

Articles about the new — and so far late — solar cycle

  1. The Sun – Living With a Stormy Star“, National Geographic, July 2004 — Excellent introduction to our star.
  2. Ray of hope: Can the sun save us from global warming?“, The Independent, 5 December 2007 — “Could the Sun’s inactivity save us from global warming? David Whitehouse explains why solar disempower may be the key to combating climate change.”
  3. Sun Stays Sluggish as Weathermen Fight for Anti-Ice Age Funding“, Popular Mechanics, 6 February 2008
  4. Where have all the sunspots gone?“, Anthony Watts, posted at Watts Up With That, 13 February 2008
  5. Solar Cycle 24: Implications for the United States“,  David Archibald, International Conference on Climate Change, March 2008.
  6. The Deniers: Our spotless sun“, Lawrence Solomon, Financial Post Comment, 31 May 2008 — With the debate focused on a warming Earth, the icy consequences of a cooler future have not been considered”

Articles about global warming

  1. SURFACE TEMPERATURE RECONSTRUCTIONS FOR THE LAST 2,000 YEARS“, Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, Division on Earth and Life Studies, NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMIES (2006) — aka The North Report.
  2. Report of the “Ad Hoc Committee on the Hockey Stick Global Climate Reconstruction”, commissioned by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce (July 2006) — aka The Wegman Report.  Also note this excerpt from the Q&A session of the Dr. Edward J. Wegman’s testimony.
  3. The role of statisticians in public policy debates over climate change“, Richard L. Smith, American Statistical Association – Section on Statistics & the Environment Newsletter (Spring 2007) — One of the too-few reports by statisticians on the climate change literature.
  4. A timeline of the science and politics of climate science.
  5. Bibliography by year of climate science research. 

1 thought on “Where to go to learn about global warming”

  1. Add a section: Books about the science

    Dynamical Paleoclimatology – Generalized Theory of Global Climate Change, Barry Salzman, Academic Press. This book discusses the science (evidence and theory), not the politics or policy. This book is written as a textbook for graduate students in the field, so a full detailed reading and understanding is hard work. But if you want to understand the subject and evaluate the scientific claims you should at least read it for the key findings and concepts.
    Fabius Maximus replies: Good idea! I am on the road, but will add some upon return.

    Any suggestions from other readers?

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