Trivia note about the FM blog

Recently this site passed the milestone of 300,000 page views and 3,000 comments since inception.  Today we will hit have hit 200,000 visitors (per sitemeter).  The traffic metrics appear at the bottom of the right-side menu bar.

My thanks to all of you, the readers, who have made this possible — esp. those posting the informative comments that contribute so much of this blog’s value.

Special thanks to the staff of the Defense and National Interest website without whom this site would not exist, as their work in setting it up (I just post) and advice along the way have proved invaluable.

4 thoughts on “Trivia note about the FM blog”

  1. To FM : no, thank you. For educatin’ yours truly on economic matters. I have gained much from your insights on other myriad matters as well, including those we can’t solve at present : change of weather patterns & environmental disorder.

    Much better readin’ your insights than watchin’ some BS television new network or propaganda piece on some newspaper or magazine. The opium of the domesticated massess. Baa! (I’ll probably bite some their heads off soon. ROAR!)

    Congrats to ya!

  2. Congrats! I still feel sort of new here, and it’s amusing to me that, when quoting some liberal insults, and calling them juvenile, I was accused of being a troll.

    But I’m back today to urge you to read Michael Totten’s Truth about Georgia and Russia — and Russia starting the war on Aug 6.
    Fabius Maximus replies: That was an unusual thing on this site, as I stronly discourage ad hominem attacks.

    As for Totten’s report, Joshua Foust has a powerful rebuttal to it here: “Why Bother Researching, Pt. II“, 26 August 2008 — Excerpt:

    “Totten is being fed disinformation. And he doesn’t know enough to say so, since by his own admission he went into the country—just like his colleague Brietbart in Baku — knowing absolutely nothing about the place beforehand. He does not understand enough about the hatred in the area that exists on both sides to parse through the endless dissembling (Goltz is an amazing writer, but he is also unabashedly anti-Russian). Nor does he seem to understand the right before president Saakashvili invaded the territory, he called for a unilateral cease-fire in an attempt to roll through Tskhinvali unopposed (Russian-sponsored teenagers reportedly hurled molotov cocktails at Georgian tanks).”

  3. Well done!

    The effort you put into this is outstanding, as is the quality.

    To amend a phrase, “Fabius Maximus is dead, long live Fabius Maximus”…

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