The most popular posts on the FM site during its first year

Today is the birthday of the FM site, one year since the first post after being pushed out of the Defense and National Interest “nest.”  Here is some material you might find of interest.

  1. The most important posts, in my opinion.
  2. The most-viewed posts.
  3. Traffic on the FM post in its first year of operation.

1.  The most important posts, IMO

(a)  The most important category:  Military, political, and strategic theory

(b)  The post with the most original insights:  A solution to 4GW — the introduction

(c)  The most cheerful section, and has the lowest traffic:  Good News about America!

(d)  The most useful posts, from the FM “reference library”:

2.  The most-viewed posts

Here are the 25 most-viewed posts on the FM site, with the number of times viewed.  The list is biased towards the most recent posts, as traffic is up almost 10-fold from November 2007 to October 2008.  The average post gets about 700 views in its first month; about 1/3 of the site’s traffic goes to older posts.

16,984  An article giving strong evidence of global warming, 30 June 2008

12,353  Peak Oil Doomsters debunked, end of civilization called off, 8 May 2008

09,800  Good news about global warming!, 21 October 2008

06,840  Status report on the financial crisis: we’re at a critical point in time, 10 October 2008

06,426  The world changed last week, with no headlines to mark the news, 25 April 2008

05,689  What will America look like after this recession?, 18 March 2008

05,299  Red Alert: the Saudi Princes have announced the arrival of Peak Oil, 11 July 2008

05,117  Say good-bye to the old America. Welcome to our new socialist paradise!, 17 September 2009

04,966  A solution to our financial crisis, 25 September 2008

04,932  When will global oil production peak? Here is the answer!, 1 November 2007

04,832  The last opportunity for effective action before disaster strikes, 3 October 2008

04,545  A happy ending to the current economic recession, 12 February 2008

04,444  An urban legend to comfort America: crash programs will solve Peak Oil, 5 September 2008

04,390  McCain believes we are stupid. Is he correct?, 30 August 2008

04,208  A picture of the post-WWII debt supercycle, 26 September 2008

03,642  The most dangerous form of Peak Oil, 8 April 2008

03,491  When did “Dude” predict a recession? How severe?, 6 June 2008

03,291  America has changed. Why do so many foreigners see this, but so few Americans?, 1 October 2008

03,282  Prof Nouriel Roubini describes “The Decline of the American Empire”, 18 August 2008

03,235  Euphoria about the Bakken Formation, 10 April 2008

03,153  A brief note on the US Dollar. Is this like August 1914?, 8 November 2008

03,057  Essential steps to surviving the current crisis, 23 September 2008

03,022  Solar Cycle 24 is still late, perhaps signalling cool weather ahead, 2 September 2008

02,969  The post-WWII geopolitical regime is dying, 21 November 2007

02,939  There is no “peak water” crisis, 19 June 2008

3.  Traffic on the FM post

Of course, this site is just a dot on the great Internet ocean…

  • 345,000 visits, per Sitemeter
  • 585,000 page views, per WordPress
  • Blog “Authority” of 205, per Technorati
  • 538 posts


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3 thoughts on “The most popular posts on the FM site during its first year”

  1. Happy birthday to you…
    happy birthday to you…
    happy birthday dear Fabius…
    happy birthday to you…
    (…and many moooooooore)

  2. Yep, thumbs up for the writin’s of Major Vandergriff & Mr. Bacevich.

    Maybe a node in the ether of cyberspace. But innumerable drops make an ocean just as huge masses of sand form a desert. & yours’, FM, is a real informative one. Now that, makes it a MAJOR node in this sea of info.

    Let’s drink to your health, wisdom & many great years ahead!

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