America’s Defense Meltdown, now available for free download

This is a unique volume by a collection of authors that have never collaborated to this degree before (and will never again).  The publisher, the Center for Defense Information, has made a free download available.  It provides advice for the Obama Administration, but (since they will not follow its advice) it will provide insight for many years after President Obama moves out of the White House.

Click here to download your free copy (2.6 MB PDF) purchase your copy (the free offer has expired).


These are all on the A-team members of the shadow defense establishment.

  1. Chet Richards (Colonel, USAF, retired), author of several books including (most recently) If We Can Keep It, Editor of DNI.
  2. Tom Christie, close colleague of John Boyd’s, co-author of the energy maneuverability papers, and my boss at the TACAIR shop in PA&E.
  3. Bob Dilger, guru of the A-10’s gun, the GAU-8, and who showed how competition could reduce the cost of munitions by 90% while improving quality; long-time advocate for close air support.
  4. Bruce Gudmundsson, retired Marine and author of seven books, including the classic Stormtroop Tactics(available from the DNI book store).
  5. Bill Lind, who needs no introduction to DNI’s readers.
  6. Doug Macgregor, hero of 73 Easting, author of Breaking the Phalanx and Transformation Under Fire.
  7. John Sayen, also retired Marine, author, and one of the best military analysts writing today (he and Doug Macgregor co-reviewed my chapter).
  8. Pierre Sprey, another of Boyd’s closest colleagues, driving force behind the A-10 and a major influence on the F-16. Now runs Mapleshade Studios in Maryland.
  9. Jim Stevenson, long-time author, publisher, and defense analyst; wrote the classic study of defense program mismanagement on the A-12.
  10. Don Vandergriff, another author who needs no introduction; probably the leading expert on instituting leadership programs for 4GW (see an archive of his work here).
  11. GI Wilson, another colleague of Boyd’s, member of the team that put together FMFM-1, and co-author of the paper that coined the term “fourth generation warfare.”
  12. Winslow Wheeler, who also edited the volume, long-time congressional staffer, and author of another classic, The Wastrels of Defense.


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7 thoughts on “America’s Defense Meltdown, now available for free download”

  1. Would you consider using the free Mobi Publisher software to produce a non-DRMed MobiPocket format eBook, so that those of us with Amazon Kindles or other MobiPocket-capable devices could utilize those to read the book?

    Thanks much!

  2. Looks like a great book, FM, but at 241 pages … how can do any other blog reading if I’m reading it?

    Can’t you tell us why you think some idea is so great with a nice reference, and then I can read it, if necessary, to disagree intelligently? (Or, if I agree, I probably don’t need to read it so much.)

    I mean, c’mon, isn’t that what we pay you for? (with our limited budget of eyeball attention)
    (And we’ll immediately stop when we think it’s too much — but so far I’m getting a pretty good deal).

  3. to help a fellow kindle owner, you can read this on your kindle like this:
    open the pdf in your browser. save it to disk. email your mailbox with the file attached.
    amazon will send you back the file (or you can use whispernet for $0.10), load it on your kindle and away you go….

  4. Tempted to make a strafing run (read only opening paragraphs, or the last two articles)) and then comment, but at 241 pages I’d be sure to miss the best targets. So, could you keep on open thread somewhere (near the top of the page) so that we could comment in a few days or more when we’ve had time to read it?

  5. barone miliband

    You said:click here for free copy pdf, America’s Meltdown. I clicked and nothing came up but an add for AMAZON and a charge of $9.95. Why lie to people? Do you thiink that we will forget it? Obama thinks that and he will be removed! You think that and YOU create enemies for yourself. I do not like for some asses to play games with me!
    Fabius Maximus replies: Things change. That post went up almost a year ago, and the curse of the web is that posts are seldom updated. However, thanks for the note (however rude). It has been updated.

    BTW, If you find a “Uncle Sam wants You!” poster from 1942, don’t enlist. The NAZI’s and Imperial Japan have been defeated.

  6. Fabius Maximus was an avoider of war. He was more of a money-maker as in Marxist-Capitalist Obama supporter. His ideas gave birth to Fabian communism. (e.g the wolf in sheep’s clothing) In this case its reversed. We have a sheep in wolve’s clothing.
    Fabius Maximus replies: Is this intended as humor? It makes no sense otherwise.
    * The British Fabians were social democrats, not communists.
    * The ideas of the Fabians were not inspired by the Roman F.M. They adopted political tactics loosely based on his actions in the 2nd Punic War — harassment and attrition rather than head-on battles.
    * What is a Marxist-Capitalist? The term seems inherently contradictory.

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