The FM site passes a milestone

Over 500,000 visitors since inception in November 2007, per Sitemeter.  Some other metrics:

  • Over 836,000 page views since inception, per WordPress.
  • Over 6,500 comments since inception.
  • This is the 668th post (posts from Sept 2003 – Nov 2007 were copied from DNI).
  • The site currently gets about 4,000 page views per day.
  • The Technorati “Blog Authority” is 203.

The traffic counters appear on the right-side menu bar, at the bottom.

Question:  The Technorati “Blog Authority” counter does not pick up many of the sites that link to the FM site.  Does anyone know why?


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4 thoughts on “The FM site passes a milestone”

  1. The counter may not pick up some links because of the “no-follow” attribute that WordPress automatically adds to outgoing links. I view it as a aspect of the paranoia over “Free Rider Problem” and a symptom of an increasingly sociopathic culture.

  2. Congrats on the milestone, and may good luck and good techs follow your web voyage. I have enjoyed your posting since the DNI days, and I know the effort is not a minor one.

  3. A possible answer to your question.

    1. Technorati has removed the Alexa Traffic charts and daily post count from blog profile pages.
    2. Technorati no longer displays the links cosmos number [how many blog posts and unique blogs are linking]
    Instead, they are ranking blogs based on Authority which is simply the number of blogs [not number of blog posts] linking to a website in the last six months.

    Technorati Removes Alexa Rankings, Explains Blog Authority

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