Two articles to read this morning

Two article that deserve your attention this morning.

The war’s advocates continue to push back, hoping that their demolished arguments will prove effective if frequently repeated using the media’s bullhorn:  “Only Decisive Force Can Prevail in Afghanistan“, by Senators Graham, Lieberman and McCain, op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, 13 September 2009.  They explain neither the cost of the war (what is “decisive” force in terms of troops and money), nor what they mean by victory.

The first article I recommend is Michael Cohen’s powerful rebuttal to them:  “Afghanistan Mission Creep Watch – The We Must Prevail Version“, Democracy Arsenal, 15 September 2009.

Next, Glen Greenwald holds up a mirror, so we can look at ourselves:   “How one becomes “crazy” in Washington culture“, Salon, 11 September 2009.  Our amnesia makes us so easy to lead.  Without memory of the recent past, we accept whatever our ruling elites tell us.

3 thoughts on “Two articles to read this morning”

  1. Quoth the distinguished Senators:

    The ramifications of an American defeat in Afghanistan would not only be a devastating setback for our nation in what is now the central front in the global war on terror, but would inevitably further destabilize neighboring, nuclear Pakistan.

    We’re back to the domino theory again? Yeesh.

  2. The pure logic and intuitive grasp of cause and effect of our distinguished senators is inspiring.

    “The U.S. walked away from Afghanistan once before, following the Soviet collapse. The result was 9/11.”

    Unfortunately they failed to spell out the ‘inevitable’ connection to Kevin Bacon, so we are doomed to fail.

    The real solution is to declare peace immediately. Any subsequent acts of violence are clearly the fault of the Taliban and Al Quaida, and we begin winning hearts and minds at a record pace.

    You are welcome to use the preceding statement to tune your sarcasm meter.

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