Listen to the crowds cheering Sarah Palin, hear the hammerblows of another nail in the Constitution’s coffin

This transcript of Palin’s speech might not be accurate, but it’s all that I see at this time, the full Sarah Palin Tea Party speech posted at BuzzStation.  While much of this consists of the usual politician’s platitudes, some is chilling. But worse is the acceptance of this by the Tea Party convention.  A Constitution lives only the hearts of its people.  On 4 July 2006 I wrote Forecast: Death of the American Constitution.  I fear that recent news suggests that the forecast has come true.

No-knock raids (too-often on innocent people).   Assets seized without conviction of a crime.  Shoot to kill orders at Ruby Ridge.  Massive overuse of force at Waco.  Warrantless wiretapping.  Those were the first chapters to the new story of America.  Now government jails inmates indefinitely on vague evidence (not just people captured on a “battlefield”).  People cheer.  The government uses torture.  People cheer.  The government proudly announces that it assassinates American citizens without warrant or trial.  People cheer.  That’s the background for Palin’s speech.  She tells the crowd that not Constitutional rights don’t cover everyone on American soil.  The crowd cheers.  Another paving stone laid on the road, a road going we know not where.  I doubt we’ll like what we find there.

Here is what I found the most interesting passage from the speech.  More thoughts follow afterwards, plus links to other posts about our dying political regime.

Excerpt from the transcript; red emphasis added

And in that we spirit, we should acknowledge that on Christmas Day, the system did not work. Abdul Mutallab passed through airport security with a bomb, and he boarded a flight hell-bent on killing innocent passengers. This terrorist trained in Yemen with Al Qaida. His American visa was not revoked until after he tried to kill hundreds of passengers. On Christmas Day, the only thing that stopped this terrorist was blind luck and brave passengers. Really, it was a Christmas miracle, and that is not the way the system is supposed to work.

What followed was equally disturbing. After he was captured, he was questioned for only 50 minutes. We had a choice in how to do this. The choice was only question him for fifty minutes and then read his Miranda Rights. The administration says then, “There are no downsides or upsides to treating terrorists like civilian criminal defendants.” But a lot of us would beg to differ.

For example, there are questions we would have liked this foreign terrorist to answer because he lawyered up and invoked our U.S. Constitutional right to remain silent.  Our U.S. Constitutional rights. Our rights that you sir [PALIN ADDRESSES MALE VETERAN IN AUDIENCE] fought and were willing to die for to protect in our Constitution. The rights that my son, as an infantryman in the United States army is willing to die for. The protections provided — thanks to you sir [PALIN ADDRESSES MALE VETERAN IN AUDIENCE] — we’re going to bestow them on a terrorist who hates our Constitution and wants to destroy our Constitution and our country? This makes no sense because we have a choice in how we’re going to deal with the terrorists. We don’t have to go down that road.

There are questions that we would have like answered before he lawyered up. Like “Where exactly were you trained and by whom? You’re bragging about all these other terrorists just like you. Where are they and when and where will they try to strike next? The events surrounding the Christmas Day plot reflect the kind of thinking that led to September 11th. That threat then . . . as the U.S.S. Cole was attacked . . . our Embassies were attacked . . . It was treated like an international crime spree, not like an act of war. We’re seeing that mindset again settle into Washington. That scares me for my children and for your children. Treating this like a mere law enforcement matter places our country at grave risk. Because that’s not how radical Islamic extremists are looking at this. They know we’re at war. And to win that war, we need a commander-in-chief, not a professor of law standing at the lectern!

Some observations and thoughts about Palin’s speech

Her paean about the Constitution shows near-total imcomprehension of what it says.  As in “we’re going to bestow them {rights} on a terrorist who hates our Constitution.”

What does the last line mean?  To me it evokes the need for general, not a politician or elected leader.  A common sentiment, but found most often among dying republics.

My complements to her speechwriter.  Few in American are so fluent in fascism.

That Palin speaks with such fear about the underwear bomber — and the crowd appluads — suggests that I am wrong about America (see Are Americans easily panicked cowards? I think not, but many experts disagree.).  If so, we will sacrifice our liberties in vain.

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
— Benjamin Franklin, February 1775 (source)

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  1. About a potentially dangerous right-wing extremist movement "Sovereigns"

    ‘Sovereign’ Citizen Kane“, J.J. MacNab, Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report, Fall 2010 — Excerpt:

    Jerry Kane and his young son were active participants in the sprawling subculture of “sovereign citizens” in America: hundreds of thousands of far-right extremists who believe that they — not judges, juries, law enforcement or elected officials — get to decide which laws to obey and which to ignore, and who don’t think they should have to pay taxes. While law enforcement officers may disagree on how to deal with or even label this extremist subculture, one thing is certain: it’s trouble. The sovereign movement is growing fast, and its partisans are clogging up the courts with their indecipherable filings. When cornered, many of them lash out in rage, frustration and, in the most extreme cases, acts of deadly violence.

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