FM newswire for 1 March, articles for your morning reading

Today’s links to interesting news and analysis, collected from around the Internet.  If you find this useful, pass it to a friend or colleague. 

  1. As citizens, we’re all independent moral actors: “Tracking a new kind of civil disobedience“, Boston Globe, 18 February 2010
  2. Banks Out of the Woods? Maybe Not“, New York Times, 26 February 2010″MORE than $1 in every $10 that American banks have outstanding in loans is lent to a troubled borrower, a ratio far higher than previously seen in the quarter-century that such numbers have been compiled.”
  3. Misandry, the divisive “mainstream meme that cannot speak its name“, Eric, Classical Values, 26 February 2010
  4. Readers of the FM website saw this a year ago:  “Many borrowers in default stay put as lenders delay evictions“, Los Angeles Times, 27 February 2010 — This trend will accelerate the growth of voluntary defaults; 12 months of mortgage payments is 30-40% of net income for many families.  This signals the end-game for the housing market in its current form, esp if the recession continues into 2011.
  5. Good and bad news about Iran:  “Read the IAEA Reports on Iran“, Peter Casey, AntiWar, 1 March 2010 — “The prospect is terrifying: Iran is creating a nuclear arsenal, and nobody can or will warn us in time to avert annihilation.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that none of it is true.”

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