FM newswire for March 7, gepolitical articles of interest

Today’s links to interesting news and analysis, collected from around the Internet. If you find this useful, pass it to a friend or colleague.

  1. We’re on the same path, so I suggest paying attention:  “Japan’s Slow-Motion Crisis“, Kenneth Rogoff, 2 March 2010
  2. Advice from someone worth listening to:  “The Dangers of Deficit Reduction“, Joseph E. Stiglitz (Nobel Laureate, Economics), 3 March 2010
  3. Pentagon thinking at its typical level, good graph of history, planning against fiction with no concern for cost:  “Vanishing American Air Superiority” J.R. Dunn, American Thinker, March 4 2010 — Propaganda for higher USAF budgets.
  4. American geopolitical thinking:  threats are everything, cost is irrelevant (never mentioned):  “Pirate Watch: Garacad, the nastiest place you’ve never heard of — but will“, Herbert Carmen (Commander USN; senior military fellow of Center for a New America Security; bio), blog of Foreign Policy, 4 March 2010 — Is CNAS a part of the Pentagon de jure as well as de facto?
  5. Reply to Carmen’s post:  “Piracy Is Only Partially a Shore-based Problem“, Bryan McGrath, Information Dissemination, 4 March 2010
  6. India, Pakistan’s ‘proxy war’ in Afghanistan“, AFP, 4 March 2010
  7. They’ve learned nothing and remain delusional:  “Climate scientists to fight back at skepticsRate this story“, Washington Times, 5 March 2010 — Collecting money to run an ad in the NYT.
  8. Gray Literature in the IPCC TAR“, Andreas Bjurström, 5 March 2010 — “Bibliometric analysis “shows that the claim that the IPCC rely mainly on peer review scientific articles is true for working group 1, partly true for working group 2 and false for working group 3.”
  9. Swedes call out Jones on data availability“, press release from the Stockholm Initiative corrects false statement by Phil Jones to Parliament, 5 March 2010 — Swedish meteorological data is available to the public, not a valid excuse for Jones failure to honor Freedom of Information Act requests.
  10. Mindless Missiles – The Pentagon’s drone budget is on autopilot“, Winslow T. Wheeler and Pierre M. Sprey, American Conservative, 1 April 2010

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