FM newswire for March 14, interesting articles about geopolitics

Today’s links to interesting news and analysis, collected from around the Internet. If you find this useful, pass it to a friend or colleague.

  1. Does James Bond Have a License To Kill? The rules and regulations of British intelligence, explained“, Justin Shubow, Slate, 16 November 2006
  2. Blackwater: Stop Acting Surprised“, Gary Brecher (the War nerd), The Exile, 11 August 2009″The Blackwater defectors have filed a sworn deposition in federal court that Blackwater zapped Iraqis at random, aimed to kill Muslims anywhere and any time they could, paid little Baghdadi girls a dollar a head, so to speak, for sexual services and just generally behaved like cartoon baddies.”
  3. Papers presented at the Seminar “Piracy and armed robbery at sea: How best to protect seafarers?“, European Commission, 3 March 2010 — As GvG said, the subject was playing defense.
  4. China: A populist rising“, Financial Times, 9 March 2010
  5. That stubbornly high credit card debt“, Felix Salmon, blog of Reuters, 10 March 2010 — “{O}nly 10% of the decrease in credit card debt was due to people actually paying down their balances.” The rest were defaults.
  6. Is China actually bankrupt?“, Jim Jubak, MSN Money, 11 March 2010 — “The nation has erected a complex system for magically making its debts disappear, but a look up China’s sleeve shows that its IOUs may equal its GDP.”

The situation Greece looks ugly

  1. Strike to paralyze services again“, Kathimerini newspaper, 10 March 2010
  2. Police to break up protest“, Kathimerini newspaper, 11 March 2010

Quote of the Day

From “American Renaissance Racists or Diagnosticians?“, Fred Reed, 13 March 2010:

How does this mandated hypocrisy help find a solution to racial woes—if there is a solution? It doesn’t. I suspect that a prime reason for the current uneasy stasis is exactly that people have concluded that there can be no solution. The best thing is to hold the lid on and let future generations worry about it.

… Are Jared Taylor and his fellows wrong in their description of the disease? Let’s hope. But I fear they aren’t. Whether, or that, they are racists doesn’t matter. Oncologists recognize cancer. They don’t necessarily like it.

… AmRen would be easy to dismiss if it were a pack of bedraggled Nazis ranting about how Jews sacrifice Christian children. But it isn’t, which is why it is disturbing. Normally a story like the foregoing appear locally and are carefully, carefully not picked up nationally. The race of criminals is usually suppressed. The “achievement gap” iin schools gets occasional mention, but the gravity of the situation does not. Thus AmRen, aggregating these news stories without apology, constitutes a form of intellectual blunt trauma.

But is it wrong?

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