FM newswire for March 20, interesting articles about geopolitics

Today’s links to interesting news and analysis, collected from around the Internet. If you find this useful, pass it to a friend or colleague.

  1. Invitation to a Stoning – Getting cozy with theocrats“, Reason, Walter Olson, November 1998
  2. Racism pretending to be libertarianism:  “Who Wrote Ron Paul’s Newsletters?“, Julian Sanchez and David Weigel, Little Green Footballs, 16 January 2008 — ” Libertarian movement veterans, and a Paul campaign staffer, say it was “paleolibertarian” strategist Lew Rockwell”
  3. Red Menace: Stop the Ug99 Fungus Before Its Spores Bring Starvation“, Wired, 22 February 2010 — For information see these posts.
  4. Waiting For Something To Turn Up: Europe’s Looming Pensions-based Sovereign Debt Crisis“, Edward Hugh, Global Economy Matters, 16 March 2010
  5. How Petraeus could swing thinking on Israel“, Andrew Bacevich, Salon, 17 March 2010 — “His belated recognition that U.S. and Israeli interests aren’t always intertwined has particular impact.”
  6. Good news:  “Devastating non-trends in US Climate“, Warren Meyer, Climate Skeptic, 18 March 2010
  7. 9 months after the most economically atrocious piece of legislation in 2009 (Cash for Clunkers)“, Rebecca Wilder, News N Economics, 18 March 2010
  8. The Madness of Glenn Reynolds“, Matthew Yglesias, ThinkProgress, 19 March 2010

Today’s climate science news:  How the 1970’s kept getting warmer for the next 30 years

From the website of Jo Nova

  1. Hide the decline and rewrite history?“, 17 March 2010
  2. The mystery deepens: Where did that decline go?“, 18 March 2010– Weather balloon data provides more evidence of the missing decline in temperature.

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