About the Wikileaks footage of possible war crimes

Everybody who cares to see it has seen it.  I have four comments.

  1. Guns are not magic wands.  Our soldiers are not Shao Lin monks (either the real or TV versions).
  2. Anyone surprised by this knows little about war.  Esp war in foreign lands.  Esp counter-insurgencies.
  3. Anyone who supports the war and finds this abhorant — even war crimes — should be drafted for the duration and then assigned to front-line duty.  Afterwards their opinions will carry more weight.
  4. Films from aircraft cameras should not be subject to the Freedom of Information Act.  Anybody who wants to see such things can enlist and see them first hand.

Here is the official report.

For a calmer assessment, I recommend James Fallows’a article at the Atlantic website.

For a detailed assessment see “The true fiasco exposed by Wikileaks“, Matt Armstrong, Mountain Runner, 8 April 2010.

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