FM newswire for April 13, interesting articles about geopolitics

Today’s links to interesting news and analysis. If you find this useful, pass it to a friend or colleague.

  1. Nice summary of an important issue, cutting thorough the lies:  “Nuclear Dreams and Nightmares“, Fred Kaplan, 6 April 2010
  2. A great idea, educating America about our history:  “Neo-Confederate History Month“, Ed Kilgore, blog of The New Republic, 8 April 2010
  3. No longer online at CounterPunch – “The Looming European Debt Wars”, Michael Hudson (Prof Economics, U of Missouri, Kansas City), Counterpunch, 9 April 2010
  4. Park your rights at the door before attending Duke:  “Duke University and the Accidental Sex Offender“, Wendy Kaminer (attorney), The Atlantic, 12 April 2010
  5. The Mounties always get their Ann“, Mark Steyn, 13 April 2010 — “Political correctness starts in the wackier professions, in the college faculty lounge and the ethnic grievance shakedown racket, but eventually it hollows out ostensibly more robust institutions – including the police and even the military.”

(6)  Understanding the climate wars — looking at the statistics

(7)  A deep recession, an extraordinary government response

Facts are an antidote to nonsense like “The Comeback Country – How America pulled itself back from the brink—and why it’s destined to stay on top” (by Daniel Gross, Newsweek, 9 April 2010).  The stabilization and slow recovery of the US economy has resulted from extraordinary government stimulus.   With a cost:  $536 billion in new debt so far in 2010, through April 9 (source).  While successful, it’s not something to rejoice about — or ignore (as does Gross).

This graphic tells the story, from a Morgan Stanley report of 12 April 2010 (via Scribd).

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