Sources of reliable information about the Gulf Oil Spill

As usual with any important event, the Internet lights up with misinformation.  As if it were alive and trying to make us stupid.  No excerpt becomes famous and successful from a disaster by underplaying the threat!  Here are some websites providing valuable and reliable information about the Gulf oil spill.  Many of the articles in both the news media and blogosphere rely – with varying degrees of accuracy and completeness — material from these websites.

Of special interest from the Joint Information Center:

Other valuable articles:

Brief Analysis

This and the Massey mine disasters might be inflection points in US energy policy.  Both result to some degree from lax regulation.  Massey Energy had a long history of safety violations.  US safety regulations for offshore drilling were weaker than Norway’s or even (God help us) Brazil’s (both of whom required these, see Reuters for more).  This dysfunctional relationship between energy companies and the government might prove even worse for the nation than that between unions and manufactures (look at our late great automobile and steel industries). 

We’re already horrifically unprepared for peak oil.  This makes it likely that we’ll be disastrously unprepared.  However, both sides will have excellent excuses!  As if our children will care.


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