FM newswire for May 9, interesting articles about geopolitics

Today’s links to interesting news and analysis. If you find this useful, please pass it to a friend or colleague.

  1. The Iraq War Ledger – A Tabulation of the Human, Financial, and Strategic Costs“, Center for American Progress, 6 May 2010 — But it was worth it for Iran.
  2. Brilliant; I recommend reading this:  “Are you ready for the United States of Germany?“, Michael Pettis (Prof, Peking U), China Financial Markets, 7 May 2010

Updates about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and offshore drilling

  1. Before the Big Spill – Oil companies have a history of ill-timed fights against safety improvements“, Slate, 7 May 2010 — “In the last half-century, 3 major oil spills have significantly marked American politics:  the 1969 Santa Barbara, CA, spill, the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill, and now the 2010 spill in the Gulf. They have a striking thing in common:  each occurred after the oil industry successfully resisted demands for safety improvements that would have greatly reduced the damage the spills caused.”
  2. Business continues as usual:  “Since spill, Feds have given 27 waivers to oil companies in gulf“, McClatchy Newspapers, 7 May 2010
  3. Federal regulators haven’t kept up with oil drilling expansion“, Los Angeles Times, 8 May 2010 — “When the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded and oil started gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, neither the oil companies nor their watchdogs in the Interior Department were ready”
  4. BP considers other plans to cap the spill, after the initial failure of the containment dome:  “BP eyes ‘junk shot’ to clog Macondo“, UpstreamOnline, 8 May 2010

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