FM newswire for May 12, interesting articles about geopolitics

Today’s links to interesting news and analysis. If you find this useful, please pass it to a friend or colleague.

  1. A cautionary note for fans of parliamentary systems: “Britwatch Update“, Mark Steyn, National Review Online, 10 May 2010
  2. Four articles and she’s a great legal scholar!  “The Next Harriet Miers?“, Paul Campos, The Daily Beast, 1 May 2010 — “Top Supreme Court contender Elena Kagan, is an able administrator with a shamefully thin record of legal scholarship, a similar candidate to the hapless Bush nominee who got laughed out of town.”  But Miers was a Republican.  Liberal women lawyers are automatically brilliant (e.g., Anita Hill, Hillary Clinton), no matter how weak their accomplishments.
  3. Rebuttal:  “Elena Kagan as Scholar“, Eugene Volokh, Volokh Conspiracy, 10 May 2010
  4. 5 Myths about the European debt crisis“, Carmen M. Reinhart and Vincent R. Reinhart, Washington Post, 9 May 2010
  5. Eurozone: The Kitchen Sink Goes In – Now It’s All About Solvency“, Peter Boone and Simon Johnson, The Baselines Scenario, 10 May 2010
  6. Governance in Afghanistan – Looking Ahead to What We Leave Behind“, Colin Cookman and Caroline Wadhams, Center for American Progress, 11 May 2010
  7. Afghan army riddled with corruption and feuding“, McClatchy Newspapers, 11 May 2010 — About a report to be issued soon by the International Crisis Group.
  8. Little Britain also has a military-industrial complex, milking them even as the UK goes broke:  “Iran’s Ballistic Missile Capabilities: A net assessment“, The International Institute For Strategic Studies, 11 May 2010 — More pounds needed to defend the UK from Iran!
  9. We have learned nothing, fixed nothing from the recession:  “US Trade Deficit increases in March“, Calculated Risk, 12 May 2010 — Party On!  Until the next crash.
  10. Recommended reading:  “From America to Thailand, the elites are under siege“, Ian Buruma, op-ed in The Daily Star (of Lebanon), 12 May 2010

A cautionary note amidst the lies and hysteria following the Times Square bomber incident

Associated Press, 7 May 2010:

Gen. David Petraeus says the Times Square bombing suspect apparently operated as a “lone wolf” who did not work with other terrorists.  The general who oversees the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan tells The Associated Press that alleged bomber Faisal Shahzad was inspired by militants in Pakistan, but didn’t necessarily have direct contact with them.

For more information see “Police: Shahzad has no Links to Taliban; Clinton Remarks Produce Firestorm in Pakistan“, Juan Cole, Informed Comment, 12 May 2010

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