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Today’s links to interesting news and analysis. If you find this useful, please pass it to a friend or colleague.

  1. Training Exercises Showed Gaps in Government Preparedness Before BP Oil Spill – Inexperience, Poor Communications, Conflicting Roles Cited“, John Solomon and Aaron Mehta”, Center for Public Integrity, 11 May 2010
  2. Remember the Blitzkrieg before it’s too late“, Douglas Macgregor (Colonel, US Army, retired), Washington Times, 10 May 2010 — “Building a military to fight only the weak will cost us later”
  3. The New Jack Bauer Republicans“, Benjamin Sarlin, Daily Beast, 13 May 2010 — “Two Iraq veterans who left the military after surviving charges of crimes against detainees are running for Congress”
  4. The Wall Street Journal’s Surveillance Fantasies“, Julian Sanchez, Cato@Liberty, 13 May 2010
  5. They Have Made a Desert – And called it successful adjustment“, Paul Krugman, blog of the New York Times, 14 May 2010 — About the vital role of currency devaluation.
  6. Update on Solar Cycle 24, David Archibald, 15 May 2010

Feature Articles

(7) Four in ten babies are born outside marriage in the U.S.“, Daily Mail, 7 May 2010 — Even if our philosophy is right and true, Mother Nature does not give a damn.  Demographics might relegate western society to a footnote in history.

“So women are waiting longer to have fewer kids without dads in an increasing welfare-state world. Anyone see the impending disaster this is fueling?” {in the comment section}

(8) Transcirpt of an interview with General Stanley McChrystal on PBS “Newshour”, 13 May 2010 — Video here.

“Well, I think that, in the last year, we have made a lot of progress. I think I would be prepared to say nobody is winning, at this point. Where the insurgents, I think, felt that they had momentum a year ago, felt that they were making clear progress, I think that’s stopped.”

(9) Spinsterhood, Bastard Children Are Our Future“, Chateau at Citizen Renegade, 13 May 2010 — Politically incorrect (I repeat:  even if our philosophy is right and true, Mother Nature does not give a damn).  Excerpt:

Which is why I’m sipping a cocktail poolside, unmarried, with my lover beside me. The smart move, if you ask me. You want to put in the hard work turning this ship around, be my guest. The sordid status quo benefits me. It would really cramp my style if the pool of attractive young women suddenly dried up from a rush to the altar and the nursery.

… To prevent this edifice from crumbling under its own weight entirely, massive redistributive payments from men to women in the form of welfare, alimony, punitive child support (even from men who aren’t the biological fathers!), female- and child-friendly workplaces, legal injustice …, corporate-sponsored daycare, PC extortion, sexual harassment claims, and divorce theft have had to be ruthlessly administered and enforced by the thugs of the rapidly metastasizing elite-created police state. Remove these security and resource transfers and safety nets and you will see the feminist utopia crumble within one generation.

… here are the Four Sirens of the Sexual Apocalypse that explain our cultural lament configuration:

  1. Effective and widely available contraceptives (the Pill, condom, and the de facto contraceptive abortion).
  2. Easy no-fault divorce.
  3. Women’s economic independence (hurtling towards women’s economic advantage if the college enrollment ratio is any indication).
  4. Rigged feminist-inspired laws that have caused a disincentivizing of marriage for men and an incentivizing of divorce for women.

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