FM newswire for May 20, interesting articles about geopolitics

Today’s links to interesting news and analysis. If you find this useful, please pass it to a friend or colleague.

  1. The tyranny of denial“, Edward Skidelsky, Prospect, 27 January 2010 — Another in the series “Words that think for us”
  2. Divorce, one of the great but ignored US social problems:  “Family Structure and the Economic Mobility of Children“, Pew Economic Mobility Project, May 2010
  3. Are State Public Pensions Sustainable? Why the Federal Government Should Worry About State Pension Liabilities“, Joshua D. Rauh (Dept of Finance, Northwestern U), 15 May 2010 (27 pages)
  4. Mark Williams calls Allah a “monkey god,” is he still welcome on CNN?“, MediaMatters, 18 May 2010 — Note links to has past statement at the end of the story.  Williams is Chairman of the Tea Party Express.
  5. Recommended:  “Fizzled Bomb Sparks Growth for Politicians“, John R. MacArthur, blog of Harper’s, 19 May 2010 — “Just because Faizal Shahzad failed to kill anybody doesn’t mean he didn’t succeed in achieving important political objectives for politicians and terrorists everywhere, including some in our own country.”
  6. Typically clear and excellent explanation from the Fed staff:  “Monetizing the Debt“, Daniel L. Thornton (VP), Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 19 May 2010
  7. More stories from DC bars about the Gulf oil spill:  “White House Covers Up Menacing Oil Blob“, Wayne Madsen (of the Wayne Madsen Report), OilPrice, 19 May 2010 — Such tales are seldom correct, but often fun.  Pity the people who believe what folks like Madsen say.
  8. The short answer is “no”.  “Putting the Pentagon on a Diet – Will Bad Times and a Bad Economy Finally Discipline the Pentagon?“, Christopher Hellman, 20 May 2010
  9. The dream lives!  We can manipulate the world.  “It Takes the Villages – Bringing Change From Below in Afghanistan” Seth G. Jones, Book review in Foreign Affairs, May/June 2010

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