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  1. Doesn’t everybody already know this?  “The end of the world as we know it?“, Stephen M. Walt, blog of Foreign Policy, 13 May 2010 — About the end of the “Atlantic Era”.
  2. You probably believe some of these myths.  I did.  “W. Joseph Campbell corrects the record on 10 important misreported stories“, Jack Shafer, Slate, 21 May 2010
  3. Citizen Alioune – How Not to Deal with Muslims in America“, Stephan Salisbury, TomDispatch, 23 May 2010
  4. Because multiculturalism trumps feminism (see the following article):  “Why Are American Doctors Mutilating Girls?“, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Daily Beast, 20 May 2010 — “A new proposal by the American Academy of Pediatrics {AAP} would have doctors assisting families in the ritual of female circumcision” 
  5. Multiculturalism Trumps Feminism“,  Mark Steyn, 23 May 2010 — “In its 1998 policy position, the AAP used the phrase ‘female genital mutilation’.  A decade on {2010  Policy}, they prefer to call it “female genital cutting” – “mutilation” being regarded by cultural accommodationists as too judgmental. At the rate this slippery slope is greased, you can guess where we’ll be in another decade.”
  6. About our liberal media:  “New York Times Still Schizoid on Limbaugh“, Greg Mitchell, blog of The Nation, 23 May 2010 — “and their “wet kiss” to Rush Limbaugh.
  7. Kandahar Cluster**** Watch – The Harbingers of Doom Version“, Michael Cohen, Democracy Arsenal, 23 May 2010
  8. Firm predictions of when the north pole will be ice free, Steve Goddard and Anthony Watts, WUWT, 24 May 2010
  9. John Warden (Colonel, USAF, retired) suggests Israel cut Iran’s electric power, Washington Times, 24 May 2010 — They could borrow from Hitler’s speech’s justifying attacking neighbors.  And why do so many of the world’s people consider the US and Israel the greatest threat to world peace?
  10. A complete list of things caused by global warming

Headline alert:  The populist revolution may have begun.  No, not the ignorant whining of the Tea Party protests.  The Arizona legislation to reduce illegal immigration is the real thing.  A clear goal, actionable program, broad public support, and opposition by elites of both major parties.  This may be the Bunker Hill of our time.  Stay turned.

Quote of the Day

From “Toward an Abstract Courage“, Ta-Nehisi Coates, blog of The Atlantic, 24 May 2010:

What {Charles Lane} is pointing out is the moral deficit at the core of the private property argument, as applied to the South circa 1963. At that moment we were faced with the following question: Do we hold our property rights so sacred that we would send our police to arrest black people for trying to enjoy a milkshake? To the country’s credit, we chose not to retreat into ideological rigidity and abstraction.

Now, after the police dogs, night-sticks and fire-hoses have been beaten back, Rand Paul wants to reopen the question, while, to be sure, claiming that he would have had the “courage to march with Martin Luther King.” This is a common strain of courage. It chiefly shines through in men born 50 years too late. In the present, they are all with the crowd, but are distinguished at that decisive moment when they are queried about wars they won’t have to fight, in times they will never live. These men populate our history books. They are all on the wrong side.

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