FM newswire for May 30, interesting articles about geopolitics

Today’s links to interesting news and analysis. If you find this useful, please pass it to a friend or colleague.

  1. History repeats itself at the Deepwater Horizon, but its not humor:  “Fighting the World’s Worst Oil Spill“, Popular Mechanics, May 1980, page 106
  2. A look at the future:  Video of Aggressive Maneuvers for Autonomous Quadrotor Flight, General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) Laboratory, U Penn
  3. Slowly our geopolitical experts admit that our Middle East policies are irrational:  “Sleepwalking with Iran“, Stephen M. Walt, blog of Foreign Policy, 26 May 2010 — “We continue to ramp up sanctions that most people know won’t work, and we take steps that are likely to reinforce Iranian suspicions and strengthen the clerical regime’s hold on power.”
  4. Did an American Mine Sink South Korean Ship?“, New American Media, 27 May 2010
  5. A disgrace of historic proportions“, Glenn Greenwald, Salon, 28 May 2010 — “Hassen is now the third consecutive detainee ordered freed who was rounded up in that same raid. The Obama DOJ opposed his petition even though the Bush administration had cleared him for release in 2007. He has now spent roughly 30% of his life in a cage at Guantanamo.”
  6. Danger, Republicans at work:  “Weakening America: Mitch McConnell Shows How“, James Fallows, blog of The Atlantic, 29 May 2010 — They’ve adopted as their own Lenin’s strategy of “the worse, the better.”

Updates on the Deepwater Horizon disaster

  1. Recommended:  Clownishly incompetent BP (not funny, perhaps criminal):  “Documents Show Early Worries About Safety of Rig“, New York Times, 29 May 2010
  2. BP says crude may continue flowing into gulf until August“, Washington Post, 30 May 2010

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