FM newswire for July 10, interesting articles about geopolitics

Today’s links to interesting news and analysis.   If you find this useful, please pass it to friends and colleagues.

  1. Debunked, but Republicans still repeat the lie:  “Oil Spill, Foreign Help and the Jones Act“, Fact Check (U Penn), 23 June 2010 — Lies travel as well as truth on the information superhighway.  Also see this McClatchy article.
  2. Beating the war drums to move the flock:  “Meeting the Challenge: When Time Runs Out“, Daniel R. Coats, Charles Robb and Charles F. Wald (General, USAF, retired), Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), 23 June 2010 — The BPC is well-named; today both parties advocate perpetual war.
  3. The Arab-Israeli Military Balance – Conventional Realities and Asymmetric Challenges“, Anthony H. Cordesman and Aram Nerguizian, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), 29 June 2010
  4. Your tax dollars aren’t lost in Afghanistan; they’ve just found a new home in Dubai:  “US Cuts Aid After Millions Siphoned Off to Dubai“, Der Spiegel, 5 July 2010 — Does this surprise you?
  5. Both conservative and liberal economists sounding the alarm; be very afraid:  “The Rising Threat of Deflation“, John H. Makin, American Enterprise Institute, July 2010 — Krugman’s reply:  “Scary stuff. And all too plausible.”
  6. Real time evidence why the Depression discredited Austrian economics:  “Keynes Versus Hayek, 1932“, Paul Krugman, blog of the New York Times, 9 July 2010
  7. The Pentagon whiz kids finally hit upon a rebuttal to the Rolling Stone article, 16 days after the Rolling Stone’s article hit:  “Rolling Stone quotes made by junior staff“, Army Times, 8 July 2010 — Weak tea.
  8. As so often the case, the raw temperature data looks flat, but he “adjusted” data shows warming (adjustments for urbanization and poor siting should lower temperatures):   Colorado Summer Trends, 9 July 2010
  9. Democracy!  Elections on March 7, but no government yet:  “Iraq’s Allawi hopes for new government in August“, AFP, 9 July 2010
  10. Another comparison of the raw temperature data and the adjusted record:  “Raising Arizona”, Steve Goddard and Anthony Watts, WUWT, 10 July 2010 — As usual, adjustments to low-quality data produce a warming trend.

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