The rumors about a US strike are proven wrong, again.

Summary:   How many internet websites would go dark should Americans become descriminating consumers of information, if silly rumors no longer attracted large audiences?  Fortunately for them, that’s not likely to happen soon.

The rumors of a massive gathering of US naval forces were hyped on dozens of websites.  Such as Zero Hedge:  Awesome hyping of routine carrier movements:  Showdown: U.S. Sends Warships to Confront Iran, Parsing Recent Carrier Strike Group Movements, USS Carrier Harry Truman Now Officially Just Off Iran, As Israel Allegedly Plotting An Imminent Tehran Raid, US Begins Massive Military Build Up Around Iran, Sending Up To 4 New Carrier Groups In Region, 12 American Warships, Including One Aircraft Carrier, And One Israeli Corvette, Cross Suez Canal On Way To Red Sea And Beyond, and Is The US Preparing For “The Total Destruction Of Iran?

Speculation grew fever-hot when the carrier Harry Truman joined the Dwight Eisenhower off Iran.   For nothing, just a routine replacement of one carrier replacing another on station.  Now the Eisenhower has sailed away.

The Iranian leaders probably don’t even pop open bottles of sparkling cider, after going through this so many times.

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