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Today’s links to interesting news and analysis. If you find this useful, please pass it to a friend or colleague.

  1. Important:  “Afghanistan: Sustaining West European Support for the NATO-led Mission — Why Counting on Apathy Might Not Be Enough“, CIA, 11 March 2010 — Their info ops against us work so well because they know us so well.
  2. Interesting:  “American Journalism Comes Full Circle“, Damon Linker, The New Republic, 22 July 2010 — Back to the wild partisan media that was the norm during most of our history!
  3. Recommended:  “The political genius of supply-side economics“, Martin Wolf, columnist in the Financial Times, 26 July 2010.  See here for more about this key trend in US political history.

Articles about the actual war in Afghanistan (not the Pentagon’s pr spin)

In case you have not seen these — The New York Times series (25 July 2010):

The Guardian has an equally good series:  “Afghanistan:  the war logs“, and Der Spiegel has “The Afghanistan Protocol – Explosive Leaks Provide Image of War from Those Fighting It“.

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