Housing Update – dynamite to blast us out of our lethargy?

Summary:  Housing statistics are often misrepresented.  Much of the analysis comes from industry shills, and the data during this downturn challenges the long-standing American love of real estate.  Today the Census provides a powerful follow-up to Cutting through the fog to clearly understand the housing crisis.

Today’s bleak news from the Census Department: a stunning and record-high 19 million housing units are vacant (18,943 thousand, 14.4% of all units)!   Most articles about this report only the total “vacant for sale or rent” (one-third of the total vacant), ignoring the important “held off-market” category.

Vacancies are up year-over-year (YoY)  in every category except seasonal homes and vacancies due to recent sale/rental.  The Census shows YoY comparisons to avoid seasonal effects (the data is not seasonally adjusted).

Some fraction — perhaps a large fraction — of this national wealth (capital) eventually will be destroyed.  Vandalized, burned, or deliberately plowed under municipal governments.

A sad ending for an obvious and widely predicted crisis, but inevitable for a nation that allows it’s key public and private institutions to be easily hijacked by special interests for their personal benefit.  That’s true of our wars as much as our housing-lending-WallStreetGambling crises.  Our descendents will ponder with horror the record of a great nation pouring its wealth down the toilet.

Perhaps these events will sharpen our wits and end our lethargy.   Let’s hope so.  The clock is running.

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