A modest proposal for the improvement of climate science

Summary:  A modest proposal by a leader of our government to improve and reform the conduct of climate science.

The leaders of climate science clearly prefer secrecy to transparency, even to breaking UK laws concerning the Freedom of Information Act (see here for the outcome).  And, like our national security establishment, they consider attempts to inform the public about their workings to be a crime.  In his submission to Congress, James Clapper (General, retired) — nominee as Director of National Intelligence — proposes taking this to its logical extreme:  let the CIA run climate science.

  • The defense/intelligence complex is the only well-funded sector of the government, dwarfing any other.
  • They can keep secrets better than any other sector, and can criminalize dissent.
  • They have slavish admirers in the media and think-tanks who will support anything they say, no matter how outlandish.
  • And it is a national security issue.

Being bashful, in fact he only hinted at taking the first step.  But the logic is such that progress should be expected soon.  Once the nose of the camel is under the tent…

Excerpt from his answers to Congress:

… the CIA could serve as the DNI’s Executive Agent on Climate Change.  {source}

Global climate change could have wide-ranging implications for US national security interests over the next 20 years because it would aggravate existing world problems such as poverty, social tensions, environmental degradation, ineffectual leadership and weak political institutions that threaten state stability. Since the 2008 publication of the National Intelligence Assessment (NIA) on the national security implications of climate change, the IC has stepped up analysis and collection to look more in depth at climate change implications in individual countries and regions important to U.S. long term interests. The CIA has also created a center to provide all-source analysis on the impact of climate change on political, economic, military and social stability. It is also responsible for the MEDEA program which reviews and declassifies imagery for sharing with the climate scientific community.  {source}

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