About the problems at Arlington Cemetery

Summary:  A brief analysis by GI Wilson on the problems at Arlington Cemetery, and their broader significance.

Business as usual in DC!  Troops got treated poorly at Walter Reed and troops get more of the same at Arlington cemetery. Consistent track record of pissing on the troops and their graves.   The July 30 article below says it all:

“Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), conceded that in the end perhaps no one … will be held responsible for what she called a “long scenario of catastrophic incompetence.”

No doubt the Army/DOD personnel system it is all about rewarding catastrophic incompetence until publicly discovered. Appears it is impossible to fire veteran civilians who over achieve at catastrophic incompetence.

Question, is it common practice for civilians doing jobs they have no training for?  Also from the July 30 article:  “An Army inspector general’s report released last month identified him as the “point of contact for monitoring all IT [information technology] contract performance” despite having no training as a contracting officer.”

Semper catastrophic incompetence.

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