About the newest experts’ review of our defense strategy

Summary:  More paper bullets of the mind fired at our Department of Defense.  They’ll bounce off the walls, like the others before them.  Until we have a rational grand strategy, our national wealth will flow down the drain at DoD — buying us neither security nor peace of mind.  Here G. I. Wilson comments on this round of the real great game, control over the US Defense Budget (the largest single stream of discretionary spending on the planet). At the end are links to more information.

About this new report:  “The QDR in Perspective: Meetings America’s National Security Needs in the 21st Century“, US Institute for Peace, 29 July 2010 — Chairmen Stephen J. Hadley and William J. Perry. 

This piece hits on all the things we have been discussing for several years and coincides with the downward DOD death spiral a la Spinney. In fact Hadley and Perry’s identification of the  issues seems as if they were all taken from the FM website. I was struck that Hadley and Perry realize we are a maritime Nation and the Navy fleet is too small but does not say what kinds of ships to build.

I am afraid this will get translated into more big carriers and types of subs the Navy does not need or want.  Lots great boiler plating saying a lot of the right things but lets not forget Bill Perry contributed to this mess.  Now he wants to be part of fixing it.  Perry would  be more credible if Perry disclosed his train wreck contributions. 

I smell a set up for money shoveling here.  Cut personnel costs/numbers and buy more expensive stuff.  Hadley and Perry would have done well to review the defense priorities of the late Col John Boyd: people, ideas, and then things. 

True.  the entitlements of the all volunteer force need to be reviewed carefully. For example, too many new enlistees come with ready made families and attendant costs and problems. At the end of the day, there are no priorities and robbing Peter to pay Paul is still operative. No one gets it; we are due to spend more in interest on the national debt in FY2017 than on defense. DOD tuna melt now on the menu. Meltdown well into the making.

For more about this report

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