The guilty ones responsible for the loss of our liberties

Summary:  Another chapter in the discussion of our dying Republic.  Here we point to those guilty rogues responsible for th loss of our liberty.


  1. Introduction
  2. A note about the world
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(1)  Introduction

Our liberties have faded so quickly.  In  a few decades we’ve become accustomed to the routine outrages of SWAT teams, well documented by Randy Balko of Reason magazine (from assault to murder).  Seizure of assets by the government without conviction of a crime {asset forfeiture}.  Law enforcement tools intended for narrow use become clubs wielded to pound innocent citizens into plea bargains (e.g., conspiracy, wire fraud, RICO).

Since 9-11 the government has seized a wide range of new powers.  Like the ones mentioned above, they’re initially used against a small number of bad guys.  Almost certainly future years will see them come into common use.  Extensive powers of surveillance, arbitrary imprisonment, even assassination. However shocking now, we’ll become accustomed to their use against our neighbors.  Slow change against a background of fear — with these one can move sheep over long distances with little effort.  While he cowers in a cave, bin Laden may ponder how 9-11 produced disaster for al Qaeda but many benefits for the US government.

How can this have happened so quickly, the loss of liberties painfully acquired over centuries?  Anyone who has felled trees will find it easy to understand.  Dead trees fall more easily than live ones.  The Liberty Tree died long ago, but remained upright until now.  We came to rely on the system erected by the Constitution — Congress, Courts, attorneys, law — as if they had an existence, a life, of their own.  As though we could live our lives in their shade, without sacrifice or effort (more than voting and jury duty) to keep the wheels of the Republic turning.  We believed it was a A Machine That Would Go of Itself (Michael Kammen explains this fallacy in his 1986 book of that name).  We could be consumers instead of citizens.

These institutions work only so long as the Constitution lives in our hearts.  When it died there from slow starvation these institutions could only glide on until the natural action of powerful groups warped them to their service.  Congress becomes an instrument for division of the spoils, ineffective otherwise.  Our finest attorneys, whether at the Office of Legal Counsel or the Vokolh Conspiracy become apologists for the expansion of government power.

The responsibility for the Republic’s fall is ours.  Where else could it rest?  That this remains controversal shows our decay, our loss of will and strength.  Just as the burden of self-government became too great for the people of Rome to bear, so has it become for us.

What next?  The miracle of reform and regeneration always remain possible.  Every generation offers a fresh start.  But in case events develop in a way not to our advantage, we should start devising a plan B.  What follows the death of the Constitution?  How can we forge a third Republic (following the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution).

(2)  A note about the world

The coming decades may bring end games for political regimes other than ours.  Japan, almost certainly.  And Europe will either fragment or find true unity.  The coming economic and demographic stress might do for the democracies what WWII did for the great Empires — Russia, Austro-Hungray, Ottoman, and German.  Life will go on, but perhaps running in different channels.

(3)  For more information about these things

See the FM reference page America – how can we reform it?

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