Our leaders have made a discovery of the sort that changes the destiny of nations

Summary:  A brief note looking behind the headlines, at a major discovery.  Insights about politics can change the destiny of nations as much or more than those about science.

“Name that neocon!”  That would be a great post to write (spoiler:  it’s Obama).  But we’ll leave that for another day, as today headlines provide something better:  “Obama in Wonderland” by Glenn Greenwald.  It describes Obama’s latest footprints on the Constitution.

“Let the jury consider their verdict,” the King said, for about the twentieth time that day.
“No, no!” said the Queen. “Sentence first — verdict afterward.”

There’s a deeper point at work behind the headlines, other than the folly of expecting change from our political system as its presently configured.  Our leaders (both left and right) have discovered that they can successfully lie to us.  Big lies!  Insights like that can change the course of nations.

Although a bipartisan tactic (because it works), the most enthusiastic application of this appears (for now) on the right.  As in the lies about Obama’s birth certificate.  More importantly and astonishingly, they consistently describe Obama  as a radical leftist.  While bizarrely false, repetition works!  On sheep.

This is a major theme on the FM website, documented in dozens of posts.   A selection of them appear below.

For more information

(a)  Some posts about Obama, that leftist radical muslim

For a complete list see the FM reference page Obama, his administration and policies.

  1. President Obama, an Muslim apostate?, 2 June 2008 — Nope.
  2. Obama’s national security team: I hope you didn’t really believe in change?, 26 November 2008
  3. How Obama failed in the Gulf of Mexico. Many of the most common indictments of him are wrong, and overlook his biggest errors., 22 June 2010
  4. Obama supporters mugged by reality (and learn not to believe in change!), 9 December 2008
  5. Change you should not have believed in, 10 February 2009
  6. Quote of the Day, 20 May 2009 — Connect the dots between Bush and Obama to see the nice picture.
  7. Stratfor looks at Obama’s foreign policy, sees Bush’s foreign policy, 30 August 2009
  8. Motto for the Obama administration: “The more things change, …”, 5 September 2009
  9. Change, the promise and the reality, 11 October 2009
  10. Obama, a disciple of Reagan’s foreign policy, 12 June 2010
  11. Another bold action by the radical leftists of Team Obama, 9 September 2010
  12. President Obama celebrates 9-11 by renewing his Emergency War Powers, 11 September 2010

(b)  About political propaganda

For a complete list see the FM reference page about Information & disinformation.  Esp section 4, about Climate Change (the left’s lies to save the world).

  1. Forensic analysis of propaganda: “Michelle Obama Keeps Socialist Books in the White House”, 19 February 2010
  2. About the political significance of the conservatives’ health care propaganda, 23 March 2010
  3. The similar delusions of America’s Left and Right show our common culture – and weakness, 26 March 2010
  4. Programs to reshape the American mind, run by the left and right, 2 August 2010

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